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How to never three putt again...

4 Tips to prevent three putts
1. Speed control
Getting good, consistent speed control is the key to holing more putts and reducing three-putts. Ideally, if you don’t hole your first putt, you want the ball to finish around 45 centimetres past the hole – that is the perfect speed. A great drill to help improve your distance control is to create a three-sided box of tees around the hole starting from 45 centimetres beyond it. Try and hole your putts but make sure that if you don’t, the ball finishes inside the box within that perfect 45 centimetres zone. This will really help to improve your speed control.
2. Adapting your game
A great way to get a feel for the pace of the greens pre-round is this five ball drill. Firstly, putt uphill and use your first ball as a marker then try and get each ball to finish just past the previous one. Repeat this drill downhill and only finish once you’ve successfully completed it. It is harder than you think! This will improve your feel and should help you with speed control and avoiding three-putts during your round.
3. Fast greens
You’re bound to encounter speedy greens so it’s important that your feel is on point otherwise three-putts could creep in. A drill that improves both your feel and touch on the greens is simply to practise your putting with just your right hand on the grip. This is something we see plenty of touring professionals do whilst they’re warming up. Do this on long putts in particular, as it really helps improve the release and flow of your stroke. Once you’ve got both hands back on the grip, your feel and touch should be exactly where you want it to be and putting will feel much easier.
4. Holing out
Every golfer needs to work on shorter putts as they are crucial if you want to shoot lower scores. A good drill to narrow your focus is to aim at a small spot within the hole. To do this, place a tee peg in the back and centre of a hole and putt from 1m away. Make sure your ball is hitting the tee peg in the centre of the hole every time, so when you head out to the course the holes will seem huge and inspire confidence, especially when you know that you were holing them dead-centre on the practice green. Try and hit the tee peg five times in a row and work your way back gradually from 1m to 2m.
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