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Let's talk golf gloves

Hey Lucky People!
We hope you are doing well! This week we want to talk about golf gloves. As you know we want to produce the best golf gloves in South Africa, and we are trying hard to achieve this but we can't do this without some experience.
Many of you know that we started Lucky Golf Co to mainly produce coloured golf gloves, which sounds really exciting but the challenges we faced and still facing are much harder than what we anticipated. 
One of our biggest problems was the fact that as soon as you dye golf gloves, it looses the softness of the glove, and almost feel a bit plasticy. Which we never saw coming, and we are working hard on a solution, but it might still take a bit of time.
We also found that by not adding an additional patch on the golf glove would most likely result in the golf glove tearing within about 3 rounds, which is also not acceptable.
We produce our golf gloves with the aim of them lasting at least 5 - 10 rounds, this is about 200% more than the average golf glove. This we have been able to achieve and it feels good having a golf glove that will last numerous rounds and that still feels incredibly soft and looks amazing.
Within the next few weeks we will be launching three new cool golf glove designs and after this launch we are going to be trying our best to have a finalised prototype of a coloured glove that is actually nice and extremely soft and not plasticy!
If you ever think that you have a cool idea for a cool golf glove then we would be happy to collaborate with you!
Once again we just want to end of by saying thank you to you, for all the support up to this point! We have been completely overwhelmed by the responses we are getting for our golf gloves!

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